Bexley Public Library has suspended purchases of newly released eBooks from Macmillan Publishers

As a part of the Central Ohio Library Consortium (CLC), Bexley Public Library is joining other large library systems and consortiums around the country to suspend purchases of newly released eBooks from Macmillan Publishers. This decision was made in response to Macmillan’s decision to restrict eBook sales to libraries and library consortiums to only one copy for the first eight weeks after publication.

Participation in the CLC provides Bexley Public Library patrons access to the catalogues of 17 other Central Ohio library systems. And through the shared resources of our Digital Downloads Collaboration we are able to purchase and access larger numbers of more expensive electronic publications, like eBooks. Macmillian’s choice to restrict eBook access to public libraries and consortiums, like Bexley Public Library, effectively means that eBook patrons will experience excessive waits to read one of Macmillan’s new releases.

This issue only affects newly released eBooks from Macmillan Publishers and will not impact patron access to any other materials at Bexley Public Library. As a public institution committed to good stewardship of public funds and to maintaining the broadest, easiest, and timeliest access to information and resources for our community, Bexley Public Library will be diverting Macmillan eBook purchases to other resources for patron use.