Author Visit: Sarah Menkedick, Homing Instincts

Sarah Menkedick spent her twenties trekking alone across South America, teaching English to recalcitrant teenagers on Reunion Island, picking grapes in France and camping on the Mongolian grasslands; for her, meaning and purpose were to be found on the road, in flight from the ordinary. Yet the biggest and most transformative adventure of her life might be one she never anticipated: at 31, she moved into a tiny 19th-century cabin on her family's Ohio farm, and begins the journey into motherhood. Homing Instincts is a story of a traveler come home to the farm; of becoming a mother in spite of reservations and doubt; and of learning to appreciate the power and beauty of the quotidian. Homing Instincts speaks to the deepest concerns and hopes of a generation. Offered in partnership with Gramercy Books, copies will be available for purchase and a signing will follow.
Thu, 11/16/2017 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Microsoft Word 101

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